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The Blue Casket The Blue Casket is devoted to the musical aspect of Grim Fandango and aims to eventually produce guitar and bass tablature for all of the songs featured on the game's eclectic and diverse soundtrack; if not the whole game. Grim Fandango's soundtrack, which can be downloaded from various Grim Fandango sites; contains no less than 32 tracks from the game, covering such musical genres as Swing, Jazz, Big Band, Bebop and Mexican Folk music. Ever since I first played Grim Fandango, I have absolutely adored the music, and hoped that one day I would at least be able to play some of it. I spent forever searching the Internet in the hope of finding guitar and bass tablature to satisfy me; however in the end after searching fruitlessly, I decided that I should tab out the songs myself.

This led me to create The Blue Casket, which (as I've already stated) main purpose is to produce guitar and bass tablature for the game's soundtrack. Originally starting off on Freewebs; The Blue Casket has since then been re-designed and kindly been given a sub-domain under the popular Grim Fandango fan website: The Department of Death. The whole idea of producing tablature for the game's soundtrack is now around 4 and a half years old, having been planted in my brain around August 2005. Take a look around and enjoy! =)

Now, I try to ensure that all songs I produce tablature for are more or less correct before I add them to the website. This is a time-consuming process for me alone as I don't use any sort of crazy tablature software to aid me. All I use are Notepad, and my ears. With each piece of tablature, I will include the track name and number, and where it can be heard in the game; for those who may not have access to the soundtrack, and for those of you who are just curious.

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Any comments or kind words? Want to submit your own Grim Fandango tablature for me to have a look at?

Drop me a line at daniel_goodman@hotmail.com

The Soundtrack

Grim Fandango's soundtrack can be downloaded from a number of places; most notably: The Grim Fandango Network, Ninth World, and of course The Department of Death. The official soundtrack (OST) features 32 tracks from the game and covers a number of different musical genres. Some of you may have heard of the PC soundtrack, which is essentially made up of literally every single piece of music in the game, including the songs already found on the official soundtrack. The goal of this site is to tab out the official soundtrack, although if and whenever that may be completed; the PC soundtrack would be next.

Recent Updates

28th October 2008 - I've been quite busy so I've only had time to do a few tabs. I know I said I'd do Companeros, but I've been working on Bone Wagon instead, since it's one I've been wanting to do for a long time. I've got the actual guitar part worked out for it. All that's missing is the guitar tab for the saxophone solo and the crazy clarinet solo, which I've yet to do. I've added it to the site, but will edit it once I've worked out the rest. I've also added "This Elevator Is Slow" for bass guitar.

31st March 2009 - Haven't updated for a long while. I said I'd do Companeros for guitar and I shall over the next week or two, providing I have the time. I've added a little melody draft for it that I'm using as a guide. It's by no means 100% correct as I was literally playing from memory on an out of tune guitar. The rest will come soon. I've also added Hector Steps Out for bass. Only 57 seconds long, but near impossible to hear that walking bass line. I've wanted to do it for a while, as walking bass lines are my favourite kind of bass line =)

1st April 2009 - Second melody draft added for Companeros. Not 100% complete but accurate for the most part, especially since I tuned my guitar and listened to the song this time =)

22nd February 2010 - Haven't updated in a looooong time. Life has this little habit of constantly getting in the way and over the last few months I've just found less and less time to update the site and produce some new Grim Fandango tablature; which is very time consuming I might add. I've ever so slightly up-dated the ever so slightly out-dated homepage, and am considering opening up the floor to anyone who wants to start giving me a hand in tabbing out some more of the soundtrack. I'll go away and attempt to create some cool-looking graphic to capture your attention and try to write a body of text explaining the finer points of this. In the mean time, here is a favourite song of mine...

They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul

They Might Be Giants | MySpace Music Videos


The Blue Casket Needs You!

In a recent update I mentioned considering opening up the floor to those of you who might like to contribute tablature to the site. Essentially what I'm saying is if you have any Grim Fandango tablature or you'd like to tab out a song or two and send it to me; you can. However, I must stress that anything you send must be correct, or at least 95% correct. I'm sure we've all had experiences where we've heard a song and gone to a tablature website only to find the tablature that's been submitted by a user is way off, and sometimes just completely and utterly wrong. Obviously I do not wish for that to happen here; for the benefit of everyone. If you're sending a tab, include a name that you'd like to go with it; because I'm not going to stick it on the site a pretend it's mine. That would be plagiarism. It would also be very naughty.

Be sure to put "The Blue Casket" as the subject line. I get a lot of email at my address and this'll help me distinguish it better. Email: daniel_goodman@hotmail.com